Caras Park Chiropractic, Missoula, MT

A Chiropractic Physician in Missoula helping individuals and families with natural  pain relief since 1990.


Your one stop for chiropractic, wellness and nutrition in Missoula

Health is optimal functioning and not merely the absence of pain and disease.
Here’s how the natural wellness state of the body expresses it’s vitality…

  • You were designed to function perfectly and to express total health and wellness..not back pain and headaches.
  • Through stresses to the body, such as physical accidents, injuries, repetitive stress, pollution, chemical stress, poor nutrition,  drugs, emotional upsets, and mental stress, our perfectly designed body becomes blocked of its natural balance and its natural healing capacity.  Simply said, we start feeling “less” well and,  if the stresses go unchecked, we get “sick.”
  • Our mission at Caras Park Chiropractic is to help you become more of your perfect self through pain elimination, correct structural balance, and improved internal functioning of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • All health, wholeness, and wellness is within you.  We help remove the blocks so that you can express your true health potential.
  • It’s that simple